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Emergency repair is available 24 hours 7 days per week to attend to your problems.


Our Services

Oil boiler cleanings
Oil furnace cleanings
Oil fired water heater cleanings
Emergency oil burner repair

Water leaks from your heating system
Water leaks at your water heater
Oil leaks
Thermostat problems
Zone valve problems
Heating circulator problems
Trouble shooting entire system

From the owner

Have you ever had someone in to work on something in your house only to have them chase you into another room?
Why would they do that?
With 26 years in this trade I've learned quite a few things.
A heating appliance looks pretty much the same when I show up as it does when I'm leaving, How do you know if anything was done at all? I invite my customers to watch the process whether it be a cleaning or an emergency call (at a safe distance) during this process you can ask any questions that you may think of. 

Your heating system is the most important appliance in your house and you should be able to see what your paying for instead of wondering what your paying for.
Cold start cast iron boiler with indirect water heater installed August 2018

Before & After

This boiler was not cleaned for 5 years
Customer had central heat pump installed 2 years ago they use the warm air furnace as the air handler and for backup heat.

This dirty fan caused damage to the air conditioning compressor.
Forced hot air furnace had small cleanout on the side of furnace.
Cleanout has never been removed, you can almost count the years by the different layers.
Steel boiler installed December 2020
Steel boiler with domestic hot water coil. this heating system has non oxygen barrier pipe.
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